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Is it OK to Go Out in Public in Your Nighty?

Nighty or nightie, is a garment to wear at night as the name suggests.  This is a dress that gives you freedom from all the day dresses and any discomforts it might have caused.  The night dress enables you to sleep comfortably.

However, these days one may see many ladies wearing fancy nighty and moving around even outside their homes, especially in India.  

Many women are wondering if it is ok to wear a nighty outfit in public? If you are someone who likes to dress aptly according to the situation, then it is would be inappropriate to wear it in public.  Nighties are meant for only nights and are to be worn only while you sleep.  

In this context, let us see why ladies prefer to wear nighty and move around in the streets.   Nighty dress is a comfortable outfit for women.  It is just one garment and you can pull over within a minute.  If you look at the traditional Indian wear like a sari, it needs few more garments to accessories or complete it. Wearing them is time-consuming and washing all these on a daily basis is a lot of work too.

Once nighties found it’s way into Indian women’s lives during the 80s, ladies grew so fond of it because of the convenience it brought to them and they just stuck to it like super glue!  Washing and maintaining are simple, it is inexpensive and hassle-free to wear every day!

In many places in India like Kerala or Tamilnadu, where the weather is hot and humid,  ladies prefer to wear a soft cotton dress all day because it absorbs moisture easily and lets in more air.  

Thus it became a norm to wear nighties during the day and night and even go to the nearby shop to buy veggies or groceries, wearing it.  

If you ask if it is a good trend, the answer would be no, because of its inappropriateness.  It shows a lack of etiquette and improper manner. However, everyone is wearing it and overlooks the appropriateness, and comfort takes the front seat,  no one seems to be bothered.

What you wear is totally up to the individual.  If you want to be properly dressed according to the occasion, it is good to avoid wearing nighty except during the night.  There are a variety of dresses you could wear during the day.  You could choose them wisely and wear one of them and be stylish.  

When you are always properly dressed, you do not have to say sorry to the guests as you are wearing a nighty or run into your room to change when the guests arrive.  

Just like how nighties trended in 80’s and grew into an all-time dress, you could start wearing proper daytime dresses and create a new trend of looking proper every time.

A nightdress is a nightdress and only that.  If you are wearing it during other times, it is not the ideal way of using it. 

However, it is up to the individual, whether how much one bothers about the dressing.  Nighties are beautiful and comfortable dresses to shop for, isn’t it best to use them just to wear them to sleep and wait till the next night to get into those delightful garments once again!

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