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Things To Know While Buying Ready-made Designer Blouses Online

Don’t you hate it when you order something online and after waiting for a whole week it arrives looking nothing like what you see on the website?

Industry experts believe the majority (more than 50%) of customers are disappointed during their online shopping experience. Some of the best fashion designers in India have been trying to contribute their designs to meet the demand for designer blouses in the market.

Another study concludes the fact and noted that in the Asia Pacific area India, Hong-Kong, China and South Korea are among the most dissatisfied with online shopping.

online shopping in India

There’s a lot of factors that come into play when you’re ordering online. Some found that the materials were uncomfortable, the craftsmanship is poorly made, the color is completely off, and the most common issue faced by women buying a piece of clothing like saree or blouses online: the size was not as advertised!

They’re either too small or too big, but never the right size. Worst yet, when the item is designer; which means they’re more expensive than normal clothing. That’s money down the drain.

That’s why in order for you to have a great experience shopping online, there are several things that you will need to pay attention to. Read on and we’ll tell you exactly how you can guarantee a satisfactory experience when buying a ready-made designer blouse online. 

Get the right model and search keywords

One thing you will need to do is to get the right keyword or model of the particular blouse like saree or long dress. This way, you won’t get too much noise in your search result and you can focus on items that are right for you. Pay attention to the cut and colours they offer. Usually sellers have options or selection of colours you can choose from.

Check out the rating of the sellers

This is one of the most important things you need to pay attention to when buying online. As opposed to buying offline where you can touch and feel the goods right away, in online shopping you must trust in the seller. 

A good way to sift through good and bad sellers is by looking at the ratings provided by their customers. Read them carefully, as some sellers could be paying bots to leave good reviews, but those that are given naturally will be different. 

Another good rule of thumb is to look at recommended sellers in the portal; they are usually sellers with best reputation.

Read the description clearly

You need to read the descriptions or terms provided by the sellers thoroughly. The descriptions tell you important information about the goods such as colours available, sizes available, and materials they are made from.

Pick the right materials that are comfortable for you to use like cotton or a good quality material like satin so that the blouse or saree fits right on your body. 

Measure the right size for your body

We’ve stated before that one of the most common complaints were about getting the wrong size for your body. For you to avoid this, you should take extra measure and take your own body measurements.

Below we’ll tell you in detail how you can correctly measure the right size for your ready-made blouse.

First off all, pick the right bra size for you; bra size and your breast blouse size are the same. So if your bra size is 40, choose blouse size 40.

Even though you may be on the skinny side, the widest part of the blouse or saree is right around your chest area. That’s why it dictates the size of your blouse. Remember that you can alter or sinch a blouse that is bigger, but you can not salvage a blouse that is too small.

If you are not able to find the right size for yourself, you can always contact the online retailer and ask them if they can source it for you. We, at have been getting a lot of such enquiries and we have added the extra-large nighties for women.

Just for a better idea, here is a standard blouse measurement size chart for you as a reference:

Blouse Size Chart

a table with different blouse sizes


Another important aspect is of course your budget. Deciding on a budget is crucial so that you can decide which designer brand you will buy. 

When you’re determining your budget, always look back to your objective. Is the blouse or saree to be used in just one occasion or will it be an investment piece that you can wear several times? If the answer is the latter, we recommend you to take the higher value or pricier option so that it lasts longer.

Always keep options open

Last but not least, always keep your options open. Remember that this is online shopping. It’s very different compared to offline shopping where you need to walk and go through the items from store to store wasting your energy. 

Take advantage of the convenience of online shopping and just bookmark the items you are interested in. Then go back to each of them so you can objectively compare and contrast the items before coming up with the winner

So that’s our tips for getting a ready-made blouse online. What are you waiting for? Grab that tape measurer and start shopping! 

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